Air 360 Helicopters provides VIP helicopter charter, operated to the highest safety standards for your business or pleasure requirements.

Why Would I Charter a Helicopter, Anyway?

Sometimes you just need to get from Point A to Point B — your way! Maybe you are pressed for time, and getting out of and above the road traffic is your best travel solution. Or perhaps you want to create a special or memorable experience with someone who really counts: a loved one, a special client, a VIP. Or maybe you’d just like to see the view from up there (breathtaking!) — your way! Whatever the reason, we have a charter for you


• VIP & Exec Transport
• Above-the-gridlock air transportation for business and pleasure.

Trips: LBC to San Diego, 45 min

• Airport Transfer

Skip parking the car. Let us drop you off.
Trips: LBC to San Diego, 10 min